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Conservative hypocrisy on the environment

I was browsing thru the paper today and noticed a story detailing all the new funding they’re providing for our top agency for climate research. What, you say you didn’t see it? Well, you’re correct…you didn’t see it – apparently they’re providing ZERO new funds for research:

Even as a UN report calls for better research on adaptation to climate change, Canada’s most important funding agency for climate research says it has run out of money… Research already underway will be completed…but no new projects can be taken on despite many good proposals.

But don’t worry.. I’m sure our Environment Minister will step in and direct the government to provide the agency with new funding, right?

Don’t hold your breath:

Gordon McBean, chair of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences, says he can’t even arrange a meeting with Environment Minister John Baird to discuss the situation…No comment could be obtained from Baird’s office yesterday. He did issue a statement in response to the UN report last week, but it contained no reference to adaptation.

So, no new funding for the research agency on climate change, and no commitment to adapt the UN report calling for better research on climate change adaptation. Just more platitudes and hot air from Baird and company.

Yup, those Conservatives really are converts to the environmental cause 🙄


2 comments to Conservative hypocrisy on the environment

  • Hey, I thought all those climate change researchers were getting filthy rich off this global warming hoax. What gives?

  • Yer right as rain, Scotty — platitudes an’ hot air. Only troublem is that most o’ this flies under the radar while PitBullBoy’s up on his hind legs announcin’ billion dollar ecoEnergy funds an’ usin’ every opportunity to look effective on green stuff.
    Harpoon an’ the Cons is as phony as three-dollar bills an’ they ain’t even defined the job much less started on gettin’ the job done. The absence of any adaptation plan or even a plan to create an adaptation plan is good proof. The anti-environment stance of almost every Boogin’ Tory sez a lot.

    I’m startin’ t’ think maybe the MSM has done what the HarpoonTossers want an’ moved on from ol’ Mother Earth topics. Dang liberal media.


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