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Help Wanted: Bloggers to cover Canadian ridings for the federal election.

I received an email today from Greg Morrow of, a blogger I have a great deal of respect for, and a blog I have on my sidebar. I’m going to re-print some of his email that he sent to me to all of you folks, because I think this is a worthwhile project he’s attempting. Its been blogged by him at his site already, but since I like it, and since I’ve a good reading audience, I wish to give this a bit more publicity:

At DemocraticSPACE, we are putting together a new feature for the upcoming federal election — we’d like to have blogs for all 308 ridings, drawn from across all the major parties (and non-partisans), to provide on the ground reports on how the campaign is unfolding in their riding. We have already signed up some well-known Canadian political bloggers and will continue to contact people in the coming weeks. Feel free to pass the word along.

A more detailed explanation of this plan he’s attempting is at his site here. He’s asked if I could join, since according to Greg, I’m one of “the household name among Canadian political bloggers”. Very flattering praise from Greg (and your cheque is in the mail, by the way) which I’m not sure I’m worthy of.. but as I said to Greg.. I’m in a bit of flux at the moment. I’m currently in the Lambton-Middlesex-Kent riding, but I could be moving at any time, and my preferred destination is Guelph which is located in Guelph-Wellington (which is another reason you’ve seen me openly endorse a Guelph-Wellington nominee for the Liberals, Marva Wisdom), but I’ve no idea yet when I’ll be getting there… so I’ve told Greg it will depend on that, and of course when the election is held, if I can participate and where I’d be to help out.

However, I can certainly publicize it.. and I encourage the blogging community (or readers who COULD turn into bloggers to cover their particular riding) to do so. As Greg said, it doesn’t matter whether you’re non-partisan, or heavily partisan… he’s looking for all types.

By the way, a public congrats to Greg on his recent marriage. He had a honeymoon in Japan (and visited Kyoto among other places), and had some really cool photos up at his Facebook site. A public best wishes to Greg and his new bride.


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