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The new SES Poll: Stalemate

I think about a hundred other bloggers have already wrote about this, but I’m lacking an AM original idea to write about, so here is my take on the SES poll that shows basically a stalemate out there in Canada’s electoral landscape. The basic gist is that Harper unsurprisingly gained in Quebec, while he also unsurprisingly remained flat in the “West” while the Liberals gained some percentage at the expense of the smaller parties.

As for what this means, I think it means we only have an election this year by accident or by Conservative stubbornness on the environment. Will the Conservatives be willing to fall on a vulnerable topic for them like the environment is , particularly with stalemated poll #’s?

Perhaps their entrenched ideological position on it may cause it to happen… they appear to be dead-set against an international carbon trading market, as well as the amendment that proposes a Climate-Change fund where polluting companies will have to contribute 20$/ton into it (basically Dion’s plan), so perhaps they think whatever they propose in a month or two they can use to try to hoodwink the public into believing its a better plan, and try to call an election on comparing their plan to the Opposition’s (something I’d relish, by the way).


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