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I thought journalists did their homework.

Its been floating around out there that Bob Fife said on CTV that the Liberal Party hired the Libloggers to make those videos that are up at the Liblogs page in response to the new negative ad that went out in Quebec.

Well let me just say this: a) If the Liberal Party is hiring Libloggers.. I’m very upset that I didn’t get notified of this. b) I’m very upset if I have been hired that my cheque hasn’t gotten to me yet.

But seriously, if Bob Fife really did say that, the Liberal Party and Liblogs should demand a retraction from him for an obvious false statement, and I think we should also demand of him to actually do what a real journalist is supposed to do – which is to actually research a story before going on a national news network and making rather silly remarks such as this.


11 comments to I thought journalists did their homework.

  • pale

    Careful with that there brush…

    “You all leveled the same accuations against us, saying the Blogging Tories were a paid arm of the CPC”

    Unless you are an american Republican AD firm, the CPC wont hire you anyway.
    The Harpercrites dont like to keep their canadian dollars in Canada.

  • LoB

    You guys all need to chill out. You all leveled the same accuations against us, saying the Blogging Tories were a paid arm of the CPC, when infact, we are just like you… unpaid people, who are doing everything we can to keep your guys OUT OF POWER.

  • what a frickin idiot. i think we should demand a retraction. my sis is a journalist, just starting out, and she said some of the better-known journalists say that “if they mess up, at least they will have a career in radio”. that said, he is a pundit, not a journalist. nevertheless, asking that our national news media report facts instead of partisan spin should not seem too onerous a responsibility.

  • Here Here Pale. Well said.

  • pale

    Paid? ok.

    I bought a flying purple pony with my Liberal Cashola.

    Pffffft. I watched the clip, and I have a couple things to say:
    Im Far past 20. In fact, middle age is fast approaching.

    Crappy videos? All the “unprofessional” vids are better in quality than the conserve ones.
    Speaking for myself, everything I have made so far has been self taught, and on some archaic PC equipment.

    If Bob Fife sees this? Its costing me money. And if it at all helps get the Conserves out of power? Worth every frickin penny.

    And Bob? At least I do research FIRST.

  • lrC

    Well, you know, those journalists have a Code of Ethics. They’re important people, which is why some of them get to keep the gates on Parliament Hill.

    It’d be pretty funny if their careers came to the same sort of screeching halts experienced by other professionals who make errors. Mind you, I’d enjoy the peace and quiet that would result if journalists dared not utter or print anything as “fact” which they reasonably could know to be false or just garbage from the spin machine of one political party or corporation or another.

  • I thought journalists did their homework.

    Why I’m I not surprised that you are surprised?

  • Bob Fife’s statements appeared to be off the cuff and irresponsibly made. Decent journalists report the facts and know the bounds of what they can say and what they shouldn’t. Fife has become an opinion guy moreso than a journalist but he’s passed off as a journalist. CTV should pick one for this guy and make him stick to it.

  • I have already posted about this at and stated “where is the background information gathering?” I would hope that Mr. Fife has actual proof of payment before creating such slander.

    A sad day in journalism.

  • Bob Fife is an asshole.

  • LOL I know…now everyone’s going to be going…what we were supposed to get paid??? Hilarious. I saw Jason’s email and definitely there was no money offer. We all spend time blogging anyways so making video is just another way to do what we do…all the time…everyday. Sometimes a change is good and plus I have noticed everyone has different skills. Some are better with video and pic manipulatons and humour and others are more serious. A place for everyone to do what they do.

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