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When did 1 out of 5 qualify as a success?

If you scored 1 out of 5 on a surprise quiz in school.. you’d flunked – badly.

If you poll 20% in politics.. you’re not doing that hot… and you’re doing even worse if thats what you get during the election (if you’re trying to win power that is).

So, when the Conservatives promised no medical wait times in 5 key areas, yet now the provinces will only have to guarantee it in 1 of those areas, its hailed by Harper as a fulfilment of that promise?

As Red Tory says, In other words, the provinces will continue to do what they were already successfully doing anyway while pocketing millions for their non-accomplishments. Also, rather than guarantees being implemented right away as promised by Harper in 2005, they won’t take effect until 2010

Nice try, Harper.. but even your spiffy new media centre can’t mask the fact that this is a broken promise.. not a kept one.


1 comment to When did 1 out of 5 qualify as a success?

  • lrC

    Hopefully Harper has learned a lesson: not to promise what others have authority to deliver. I can’t imagine what sort of fool would pay any attention to any promise which exceeds the speaker’s authority.

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