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Home affairs

Blogging is light til Sunday afternoon, as I am paying a long-delayed visit to my parent’s. Pardon this blogentry being a bit light on political talk as well.

Some points in brief.

a) The books on some of the extended family line and all the old photos from relatives my mom retreived from my grandfather are a virtual treasure trove of info. Some photos are over 120 years old. Some documents over that.

b) My grandfather is sadly failing fast – at least memory wise. My step-grandmother seems to be failing along with him, if not quite as fast. All we can do is make sure both are safe until an assessment by someone decides they are no longer able to live on their own. Both my mom and my aunt have made comments that he isnt the father they once knew. Its really really sad.

c) My loathing of people who take advantage of the elderly and espescially those with dementia reached new heights today when my mother showed me how much junkmail my grandfather was being sent on a day-to-day basis since she was put in charge of his financial affairs. She has a box full of stuff – mostly from questionable businesses or people asking for handouts or promising millions if you send in money. She estimates he is getting sent one of these at the rate of 1 every other day. I was so disgusted I havent even bothered to look in the cardboard box at what specifically has been sent. My mom’s mere description of it and seeing the amount of it has made me tell my folks they should just burn it all on the burnpile they have out in the backyard.

d) It is good to visit my folks – don’t get me wrong. Home cooking is very nice, and its nice to re-visit the countryside where one grew up.

Read some of the blogging sites at the side for political stuff in the meanwhile til I get home and back to normal routine.


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