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A 2nd poll shows Harper has no guaranteed majority

Well.. another poll – this one by Ipsos-Reid – shows that the Conservatives have fallen back below the magic 40% level that this poll had them at last week. In fact, the numbers are almost virtually identical to the Decima results released a couple of days ago.

The Conservatives, after surging to the “magic” majority number of 40 per cent in the immediate aftermath of last week’s budget, have dropped four points to 36 per cent – the same level of support they secured when they won a minority victory in the Jan. 23, 2006 election. The Liberals were up two points to 31 per cent since last week’s poll, the NDP was up one point to 15 per cent, the Green party was up two points to nine per cent, and the Bloc Quebecois dropped one point to eight per cent. The numbers closely mirror the results of the last election with the exception of the Bloc, which is down three points….Pollster Darrell Bricker says the numbers should stand as a warning to all major parties that an election is not in any of their interests..Harper would be taking a giant risk if he engineered the defeat of his own government.

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1 comment to A 2nd poll shows Harper has no guaranteed majority

  • Scott

    If you look at the regional breakdowns on this poll, a majority looks like a pipe dream. With all respect, who cares if Harper is up in Alberta, that just masks the electoral reality. This budget might make a majority less likely, which is funny, given the intent.

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