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So much for a Tory budget bounce

Hat-tip to Far and Wide for pointing out the new Decima poll that was released today:

Conclusion? If the Tories had an initial bounce as the first couple of polls from polling companies showed, it disappeared at the end of the week if this poll is accurate:

The Decima survey, provided to The Canadian Press, puts the Tories at 35 per cent support nationally, with the Liberals at 31 per cent. The Conservatives would likely need at least 40 per cent support to secure a majority. The results, gathered Thursday through Sunday, indicate no bump for the party in the wake of last week’s federal budget.

I’d say if you get one or 2 more polls from others confirming this.. your chances of a spring election has decreased considerably… though we don’t know what the government will do if they’re not happy with the Clean Air Act amendments. Then again, that does NOT need to be a confidence motion, so their is no need for them to fall on that (though I hope they do, because the optics on falling over a weak environment bill is fine by me).


3 comments to So much for a Tory budget bounce

  • The polls are volatile, Paul.. the first 2 polls you mentioned were taken earlier in the week, the Decima poll was taken at the end of the week after the Quebec flap intensified. So in essence, these newest 2 polls are the only ones to pay attention too.. and you’re doing the same cherry-picking you’re accusing others of doing.

    The only poll that counts is the one on election day… and I am confident that Dion will prevail on that day when it comes.

  • Paul

    I love how you partisans can latch on to a single poll and declare victory!

    Have you seen the latest Leger poll? 41-27, and it’s not the Liberals with 41.

    So let’s see, that’s 3 polls with a massive lead for the Tories and 1 with a moderate lead. Good luck in the election!

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