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Someone’s been sitting near the reactor too long..

As much as citizens outside of Toronto might be tempted to gleefully support this idea, I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict the first politician to pitch this or support it has just ended their career as a politician:

Storing millions of bundles of intensely radioactive waste fuel underground in heavily populated southern and eastern Ontario is rapidly shaping up as a geologically safe choice, according to the nuclear industry. Earlier disposal studies by federal agencies concluded the Canadian Shield’s granite was the only rock formation stable enough for the necessary millennia of storage. But a just-released report from the industry-led Nuclear Waste Management Organization gives a tentative green light to locations like Toronto, London, Hamilton-Niagara, Windsor-Sarnia, Kingston, Ottawa and a swath running from Kitchener-Waterloo to Barrie.

So let’s see here: the nuclear industry advocates burying 1.9 billion bundles of radioactive material underneath major urban centres in southern Ontario. Yup, I can’t see why the politicians and public don’t jump at THAT idea and get on-board.


2 comments to Someone’s been sitting near the reactor too long..

  • What do you mean it’s not a popular plan? Did nobody see the Simpsons? I mean, you think a politician advocating that you can grow your own Tomacco would be a big selling point…

  • Whooee! ScottyFeller, there’s a bigass shitstorm brewin’ in my neighbourhood — Nanticoke. Ginty’s all gung-ho on nuke power fer Ontariariario. They’re talkin’ about turnin’ Nanticoke into a nuke plant.

    I wonder if this great idea o’ storin’ spent fuel rods in the Shield ain’t mostly a pre-emptive strike against the anti-nuke argument concernin’ nuclear waste.

    Diane Finley’s all gooey over the Nuclear Nanticoke idea. She an’ the MPP an’ the local mayors is all gettin’ the royal ass-kissin’ treatment from the nuke industry lobbyists. Residents is gettin’ one-sided “information” meetings set up by the Chamber of Commerce where there’s the CEO of Bruce (he’s also pres of the Cdn Nuclear Association) as the one an’ only spokesperson/expert. Haldimand County council already passed a resolution welcomin’ a nuke plant. Nanticoke sets just across the Norfolk line in Haldimand.

    It’s sure as hell lookin’ like they’re tryin’ t’ cram a nuclear Nanticoke down our throats.


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