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Some pictures from Guelph

For those on the Progressive Bloggers group at Facebook, you’ll probably get notification of these, but for those in Prog Blog and others elsewhere not yet on Facebook, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures from my recent Friday Guelph trip.

David and I, Action photo Planned shot

Both shots are of myself (on the left with the glasses) and David Graham of The World According to cdlu, the coder for the Liblogs aggregate, as well as a Progressive Blogger affiliate, who we occasionally ask for tech advice if we run into trouble at Prog. In this instance, the first photo on the left is us staring at the stats for the server that Prog Blog resides on trying to figure out with Wayne in email why our site has been crashing intermittently so much of late. The 2nd shot is the more traditional “say cheese” shots when Laura (David’s wife) caught our attention.

I’d like to submit that both photos proves that bloggers can get dressed up and look spiffy. We don’t always blog in our PJ’s and play Dungeons and Dragons (or play online stuff like World of Warcraft) as some in the MSM and elsewhere like to portray us as being. (Of course, I had a job interview, so I wasn’t going to wear PJ’s to that, and David and I were meeting with some important people up there as well on the political front).

By the way, I also found out one of David’s obsessions is with trains, which he has a link to at his site here.


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