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Back home

Well.. I’m back at home finally. A long day. Was it productive? Yea.. it was.. regardless of how the job interview goes (today was first round – I guess if they liked the initial interview they have 2nd round interviews that they’ll tell us about next week.. so if all goes well.. I may be back up there in a week and a bit). I met a couple of friends I’d gone to University with (at Guelph – they still live there) and had a nice long chit-chat with them.

I also as you saw earlier got to hang out with David Graham.. and I believe I’ll be getting some pictures from him that were taken by his wife. And, I got to meet a couple of other people who talked politics and blogging with me but I’ll remain a bit vague about the nature of that just at this moment.

It was cool though – Guelph is as beautiful a city as I remember it. (I was here last JUly for the Prog BLog get-together.. but I didnt get to see much of the city. I had a bit of a tour today).


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