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Blogging from Guelph: Liberal libel lawsuit

Hello to everyone from Guelph – The beautiful “Royal City”. I am blogging from David Graham’s house, the blogger behind The World According to cdlu, and the coder for the Liblogs site. He has graciously allowed me to blog from his living room while I await my 6:52 pm train back to Sarnia this evening. The inteview went alright – I guess I’ll find out next week if it really went ok (meanwhile, anyone reading this in Guelph who has a job opening for a data entry/administrative work or a poltical blogger for your campaign,(preferably Liberal) please contact me 😉 )

What’s caught my eye today is I see that Gerard Kennedy, Navdeep Bains and Omar Alghabra have gone thru with their threat to sue the National Post:

Former Liberal leadership contestant Gerard Kennedy; Navdeep Bains, MP for Mississauga – Brampton South; and Omar Alghabra, MP for Mississauga – Erindale, served the National Post, columnist Jonathan Kay and related persons with notices of libel over statements that the three politicians were involved in deals to exchange votes in return for changes to national security policy. Included as a defendant in one of the notices is John Doe, representing the anonymous source cited by Mr. Kay in his column published in the National Post February 27th, 2007.

So, the 3 are not only suing the Post and Kay, but also the “anonymous source” that supplied Kay with the information for his story.. which means they intend to get Kay to reveal who his source is. This will be an interesting case to watch, and to see whether the courts will try to compel Kay to reveal who the source is


3 comments to Blogging from Guelph: Liberal libel lawsuit

  • Kennedy continues to impress.

  • Gayle

    There is absolutely NO WAY they would be doing this if there were any truth to the allegations – which is as I thought.

    They would not want another Oscar Wilde fiasco!

  • “The service of a libel notice is the first step in a defamation suit.”

    Like Navdeep Bains notice to Pierre Poilievrem, I don’t think this necessarily means that the above have filed suit yet.

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