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Warning: Light blogpostings today

Its rather early as I type this.. I’m awaiting my cab at 5:30am to take me to Sarnia for a 6:45am train to Guelph. I’ll be there all day today meeting with a couple friends and a blogger or 2 and some political people or 2.. plus a rather important interview at 2 pm. I wont be back here til late (11 pm) so blogging from here is going to be rather light I would suspect – unless I happen to be near a terminal while I am in Guelph, and if I have time I may throw up a “from Guelph” blogging there.

IF that isnt the case, go visit some of the bloggers and their blogs they run on my side-panel or to Liblogs and/or Progressive Bloggers. There are lots of good bloggers there for you to read.

Catch you later tonight.


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