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Its a blogging conspiracy!!

Well.. maybe not.. but I got asked if I thought it sinister that both Liblogs and Prog Blog are down at the same time. I’ve no idea whats up with the Liblogs aggregate.. but I can tell you that at Prog Blog our server has been under strain today from a large spike in traffic. It was down for an hr this AM.. and we’ve had another downtime episode in progress for a couple of hrs now. I can’t tell you at this point when it will be back up at Prog.. but be patient.

UPDATE: As of 6:30 pm EDT, Prog Blog and Liblogs are both back up


4 comments to Its a blogging conspiracy!!

  • Ted

    I wouldn’t discount that conspiracy theory too quickly, Scott. The Blogging Tories weren’t affected and the news has been horrifically bad on this “conservative” budget. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I told you, ProgBlog has a Liberal bias!


  • I dont know.. the aggregator feed reader is reading now.. I’ve forced a manual read.. so I’m presuming all posts since the site went down will be attempted to be read.

    Since the last feed at the site is at 1:30 pm.. thats a lot of potential feeds to go thru..

    They should all come thru.. but you’ll need to probably click on “affiliates” to be able to go back and read all of them.. as of course the sidebar only lists 20 on the frontpage (and of course the recommended ones are another 20)

  • Thanks for the updates. Will we be able to see the posts that were made while the site was down, or are those lost forever?

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