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Another problem for Harper: Stockwell Day

Well.. if Harper was angry before today, he’s going to be doubly peeved now. Stockwell Day has some questions that need to be answered over this document… and I’m wondering if its particularly appropriate for him to be sitting in Cabinet while questions about this are out there.

The Liberals have called for Stockwell Day to step aside temporarily at least until the RCMP comes to a decision on investigating the matter:

The documents specify that both the Canadian Alliance and officials in Mr. Day’s office agreed in advance of Mr. Hart’s official resignation to pay this compensation. They indicate that a total sum of $11,337 had been authorized by the Executive Committee of the Canadian Alliance, and suggest that the remainder of the requested compensation was to be paid out of Mr. Day’s office as Leader of the Opposition… If what the documents indicate is true, the actions of those involved could constitute violations of Criminal Code Sections 124 (Selling or Purchasing Office) and 125 (Influencing or Negotiating Appointments or Deal in Offices).

UPDATE: More on this from the Toronto Star


6 comments to Another problem for Harper: Stockwell Day

  • Gee, you think they would have heard of paper shredders.

    Any Conservative MPs been the victim of identity theft lately? :em55:

  • This is big.

    The honourable Minister who oversees the RCMP needs to step aside while the RCMP deliberates whether to investigate his potential crimes and misuse of public fuinds.

    The government could reflect on this for a couple days, but Stockwell Day should step aside by Monday at the latest to remove the perception that his position has had any influence on the investigation.

  • Gayle

    “I don’t know why Holland would leak it now, though. Why not wait for an election campaign to start?”

    Because people like me would ask why, since this is so important, are the liberals using it as a political ploy in order to curry favour by holding on to the information for weeks, or months rather than bringing it to the attention of Parliament immediately.

    That may be how the conservatives do things, but if the liberals want to take the high road they have to be consistent.

  • El Cynico

    [quote comment=”2671″]My favourite bit is how the documents were found.[/quote]
    If the documents are authentic, Day will have to resign.

    The Liberal story of how the documents were found was done to protect their source.

    I don’t know why Holland would leak it now, though. Why not wait for an election campaign to start?

    Day is not exactly a vote getter – in fact, with him gone, Harper is the only person who benefits.

  • Bailey

    My favourite bit is how the documents were found.

    They were left in the OLO offices and the Liberals found them. I wonder what else they left behind…..

  • knb

    Oh, oh. Just like Harper, this man gets very nasty when pushed. I don’t think this is going to be pretty.

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