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Brian Mulroney publicly supports the Kelowna Accord that Harper killed.

The 5.1 billion $ Kelowna Accord agreement with natives was one of the first things axed by the “new” Conservative government. Since that time, former Prime Minister Paul Martin has initiated a private member’s bill to require the government to fulfil its obligations under the Kelowna Accord. The combined opposition will pass the bill, but the Conservatives insist it doesn’t compel them to do anything and they don’t feel bound by the bill – a shameful continuation of their paltry response to native issues in their federal budget.

And look who has come out and publicly supported the Kelowna Accord? Why, former Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney:

Brian Mulroney, the former Conservative prime minister, also expressed support for the accord in a CBC program on the weekend. “We’ve existed for 140 years and we have this shameful situation . . . and why?” Mulroney said on the program The Next Great Prime Minister. “Very simple: we stole their land.” Mulroney said he “absolutely” supports the Kelowna agreement.

Hey, PM Harper and Jim Prentice, do you see that?

Actually, I think I better qualify both my statement and the paper’s. Mulroney is a former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister. Harper removed that from the newly amalgamated party, and for obvious reasons – there’s nothing progressive about the “new” Conservative Party, no matter how much they try to appear moderate to the public. The wolf in sheep’s clothing will appear if they ever somehow sucker the electorate into giving them a majority.


4 comments to Brian Mulroney publicly supports the Kelowna Accord that Harper killed.

  • Troy

    In the new budget, Natives have been allocated 21 million (for job training). That’s almost the same amount, right?

    Well, I suppose if you round up to the nearest billion from one, you’ll get that amount.

    And exactly how is job training going to help? Maybe if first there were jobs in their communities it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    And another thing, what is Harper’s bone with the Kelowna Accord? It’s almost like it insulted his mother he hates it so much.

  • If it means stopping Harper, I’ll paint him in any light.

  • Mulroney was an old style ‘Diefenbaker’ Tory.

    Stephen Harper is a Reformer.

    The Reformers around Harper (Kenney, Day, Anders) are running the policy partronage and communications show. The remainder of the Conservative Caucus (the MacKays, etc) who lust for the power, perks and positon that ‘government’ offers, will not challenge Harper and our defacto Reform Government continues on.

    How are you enjoying it so far??

  • I tend to agree with your last paragraph. Then again, let’s not paint Reagans sock puppet in too favourable a light.

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