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I hope he has an opponent in the nomination meeting.

This blogpost from Michelle got overlooked a bit yesterday, so I’m going to highlight it again. I grew up near Haldimand-Norfolk – one county north in Oxford as a matter of fact – and I know that area well.

I find it hard to believe that there is no one of better quality then this guy to run as the Liberal nominee there to represent the Liberal Party. In fact, I know it’s not true. Someone will hopefully step up and contest him, because in my opinion, it would be regrettable if the Liberals of Haldimand-Norfolk didn’t have someone else who in my opinion would better represent the values of the Liberal Party to run in the riding.

It would also be in my opinion appalling if they chose this guy anyhow, and I hope there are moderates in the Party membership there that see that.


6 comments to I hope he has an opponent in the nomination meeting.

  • Scitty??? I meant Scotty. Sorry, ScottFeller.

  • Whooee! I ain’t a regular reader over t’ Michelle’s boog but I been there quite a few times an’ she seems t’ be able t’ dig up dirt an’ the doc’s t’ back it up. She was on Diane Finley’s bigass limousine bills an’ she’s on top o’ Stockwell’s payoff scam.

    In this nomination thing, she’s takin’ a fellow Grit t’ task.

    The local Grit association here in Haldimand-Norfolk has said it wants t’ nominate a woman. Scitty’s right. They won’t hafta look too hard t’ find a better rep than this Injuns-is-terrists dumbass. He’s in the wrong party, sez I.


  • Actually, I shouldn’t have been so unkind. But women do tend to be over-rated in the blogosphere. And lawyers tend to be boring. Michelle got the worst of both worlds.

  • Nice of you to show your true colours Aaron..

    FYI, I’ve met her in person.. and she could mop the floor with you in a political face-to-face argument Aaron… don’t kid yourself.

  • Without that picture, no one would ever read Michelle’s lame-oid blog.

  • […] If you’ve read here for awhile, you might have noticed that some attention has been paid to this riding’s Liberal nomination by a few of us. I grew up very near the “Norfolk” part of the Haldimand-Norfolk riding, so I’m very familiar with it. […]

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