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Quebec minority still looming from looking at new poll.

On the Bloggers Hotstove yesterday, Tasha predicted she still thought Charest would get a majority government.. predicated I believe on the presumption that a) the Budget would help Charest, and b) The PQ’s vote would collapse. Antonio later in the show disagreed with that assessment.. and it appears so far his disagreement was valid.

A new poll released by La Presse this AM in the Quebec City region shows Mario Dumont’s ADQ has surged in popularity since the last poll taken there to the 40% level. The PQ has also climbed ahead of the Liberals, who have fallen drastically in this region. The poll shows that initially anyhow, in this region the Conservative Budget has done nothing to staunch ADQ support in its core area of support, and even if all other parts of the province were to remain status quo, this ADQ wave in this 1 area alone would be enough to at the very least put Charest into a minority. Far from being decimated, the PQ may be able to sneak up the middle and get its own minority out of this situation.

Antonio was very nervous talking to me today about these polls – he believes it now has come down to about 20 swing ridings as to who forms the next government… and we all await to see what the next province-wide polls say.


2 comments to Quebec minority still looming from looking at new poll.

  • Not a LOT better

    There are a lot of Liberal riding in QC that are going to fall with those type of poll #’s if they hold.

  • Okay, phew, my first reading through of these poll numbers was thinking that provincially the ADQ was at 40. Reading it as just their poll numbers for QC makes it a little better.

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