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Some wide-ranging criticism of the Budget

So we’ve shown that at least a piece of the Blogging Tories are rather unhappy about this Conservative Budget…. but they aren’t the only ones. Michelle has a long list of quotes from other groups who also aren’t crazy about this Budget. It basically is getting grumpy reviews from both the right and the left, and particularly from environmental groups. So, maybe Mr Flaherty hopes that what’s left – the middle – likes it more then the wings on each side do. We’ll see.


3 comments to Some wide-ranging criticism of the Budget

  • Gayle

    MP – I would suggest the election will show if Harper is successful. We already know some polls are going to show Harper way ahead, and others less so. I do not mind going out on a limb to predict that. :em20:

    As for the whole “conservatives have no one else to vote for” line – I agree with it, though some people will stay at home, and, I think some people may be angry enough to vote liberal (not in Alberta, but perhaps in Saskatchewan and BC).

    That said, as an Albertan what I would like to see is the rest of the province perhaps take a step to the left along with Harper. Maybe if their “Chosen One” says we have to spend on social programs, the rest of the province may start to see the light.

    I am not happy with this budget, but for some conservatives it may just be a baby step to a more centralized perspective – and I cannot see anything wrong with that.

    (Though I expect that if Harper gets his majority he will go right back to his fiscal conservative roots…)

  • MississaugaPeter

    I agree with Jason, the right side can be damned as far as Harper cares, they have no choice but to vote for him (THIS TIME)! Mulroney acted the same way in the mid-80s when every seat in Alberta was PC. It gave rise to the Reform Party which took every Alberta seat the following election.

    This budget’s goal was to catch the swing voters in the middle of the spectrum who do change their vote from election to election. Polls two weeks from today will show if Harper was successful.

  • I think his calculation is that the complainers on the right have no choice but to vote Tory.

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