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My predictions of the post-Budget reaction.

My migraine prevents me from being able to concentrate at the moment, so in brief:

– Blogging Tory bloggers will praise the Budget as being the greatest Budget ever delivered in Canadian political history.
– NDP and Liberal Bloggers will state many of the promises are window-dressing, and nothing more then to seduce Canadians into believing they are moderates, and to give them a majority.
– Green Bloggers will pointedly look at no mention of Kyoto, and most of the “green initiatives” with the exception of some (ie.the car rebate for efficient cars) were already announced over the past few weeks.

Outside the blogging world, there has been a lot of confusion around the news networks right now whether all 3 parties will support this or not… though I now see they are proclaiming the BQ will support the Budget. If that’s the case, my immediate reaction is its not necessarily a bad thing if there isnt a spring election. In the Liberals case, the more time Dion has to get his footing and settle into the job, the better. Its also worth noting that as said elsewhere, a large majority of the ridings don’t even have Liberals nominated to run in them yet. No election in the spring means more time to organize… and I think that is just getting started under the new leader.

Will this big transfer of money to Quebec help Charest? If the SES poll is right, it won’t, but I guess we’ll have to see. A week isnt a lot of time to turn things around in.

I’ll be now interested to see what happens to the Conservatives Clean Air Act, and what amendments are or have been proposed to it.

[email protected] 6:03pm: Duceppes is now annoucing he will support the Budget – even though he says its far less money transferred to Quebec then he wanted (Budget gave 2.3 billion, he wanted 3.9), but apparently he put in a phone call to PQ leader Bosclair and Bosclair has said he likes it. Why not? If he wins the election next week, he can use the money just as well as Charest or Dumont could.


6 comments to My predictions of the post-Budget reaction.

  • ALW

    I would, if you bothered to post something insightful rather than making gross overgeneralizations about Conservatives.

  • :em61:

    Aaron, do you have that pre-programmed in your Function Keys on your computer? I think that’s all I’ve ever seen coming from you since you started visiting here. It’s well established that your opinion of me is that of being a Liberal schill. Since we’ve readily established that from you, try to come up with something more interesting to say.

  • ALW

    Uh, which Blogging Tories have been raving about this budget? We’re not all partisan hacks like yourself. We’re willing to, you know, criticize our own from time to time. A concept which seems rather foreign to you. You’re starting to sound worse than Cherniak.

  • The public reaction will depend a lot on the spin, but considering all the positive spin, I predict it will be positive, but short-lived. Any bump in the polls likely won’t last long as other issues move to the forefront. In addition the more people know Dion the more likely they are to vote for him. Besides the longer a government is in power, the more baggage they carry and never mind if Harper continues to spend like he did this budget, it won’t be long before we go back into deficit, so eventually he will have to stop handing out the goodies.

  • I’m sorry to hear that you have a migraine, Scott. Feel better soon.

    As for us small “l” liberal, unaffiliated bloggers (for which I can only speak for myself), I think the tories have managed to piss off people from one end of the political spectrum to the other in one way or another with this budget. Some may say that’s SOP for any government, but if this one is trying to gain more points in the polls, I don’t think this budget is going to give them any great bounce. The headline should be “Flaherty Spends Like a Drunken Sailor, But Who Really Gains?”

  • duceppe is using a 3 year estimate, which would put what Quebec is getting around 3.224 Billion.

    like Duceppe says, 80% of the way…the money increases over the years…should reach the right amount by the end.

    I am very pleased today

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