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SES predicts budget to have little to slight negative impact on Quebec voters

We’ve all been guessing and getting hints that there would be an attempt to address the so-called fiscal imbalance in this federal budget today, and that a lot of money would be going to Quebec in an effort to help out Charest’s (and potentially Harper’s) election prospects there:

However, according to SES Research (everyone’s favourite pollster), that may not be the case for either of them:

The polling shows that Harper’s open federalism, new money for Quebec’s environmental plan and expected new equalization transfers for the province do not have a major positive impact on his image among Quebec voters. Indeed, Quebecers are more likely to look less favourably on the Prime Minister.

Why would this be the case?

For Charest, beyond Liberals, the traction of the budget and open federalism at this time is weak. This could be a result of the view that a number of Quebecers see the budget as a potential federal intervention in provincial politics.

The complete breakdown of numbers can be found here


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