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May Day!

You know, even if May gets soundly thrashed in her election campaign against Peter MaKay, she still should make it an entertaining affair to watch and listen to:

May minced no words about her antipathy to Conservatives yesterday when she announced she would be vying for a Commons seat in the Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova, held by MacKay for the past 10 years. ‘I can’t say how much I fear for my country if these people ever got a majority,’ May told supporters and journalists in Antigonish, one of the main towns in the largely rural riding.”

I’m with her on that.


5 comments to May Day!

  • If she hates the Cons so much, then why is she making is easier for MacKay to win his seat?

  • Dionosaur

    In any case, the Greens are at the level of support where second is not good enough anymore. May is making a risky choice by running in this riding instead of a safer choice. If she loses, we Greens must make her pay for that. And anyone who attended the English Green debate knows May must be joking when she states that she isn’t interested in deals with other parties.

  • Sylvain

    My personal opinion is that we (the Liberals) should not run a candidate in Central Nova against May. We were 3rd in the last two elections in that riding. The NDP is gaining ground there and the liberals should work with the Greens because we have alot in common. We only won the riding in 1993. Strategically we should help May. It would be very negative for the NDP and the Conservatives…

  • Whooee! Earth Mother Lizzie May is the gal I adore. That don’t mean she’s perfect or can’t make a mistake. I think she made a mistake but it’s early days an’ Mark could be right regardin’ the “horse race.” Lizzie an’ I email back an’ forth a little an’ I emailed her this mornin’ about her decision. I don’t figger she’ll have time t’ reply an’ she’s answered the “why” question on the TV.

    In 2006, GPC leader Jimmy Harris ran against Happy Jack an’ Trawna SARS hero Dennis Mills (LPC). Harris didn’t stand a chance. He got more PR than he would have elsewhere an’ I reckon his fallin’ on his sword in a high-profile race helped the Greens get better known an’ helped pave the way fer the 14% support we’re seein’ now.

    I don’t reckon Lizzie needs the free PR this time ’round. It ain’t that the GPC’s got much money but that enough public support means the MSM will cover Lizzie wherever she runs.

    Lizzie ain’t a “consummate politician.” I see this as contrary to polyticks-as-usual — like a lot of what the GPC does. So, maybe it’s a big mistake an’ maybe it’s only a small mistake an’ maybe it ain’t a mistake, at all, an’ it’s the smartest move she could make.

    MacKay let down progressive conservatives (red Tories) with the merger. Sure, he sez it’s him who got screwed but he’s still sittin’ in Harpoon’s regressive Conservative cabinet while progressive conservatives have no voice thanks to his capitulation to the Alliance.

    I wrote a boog story on this today, too.


  • She may not win, but she will definitely make this close. MacKay’s results in the past two elections show him to be the most vulnerable of all the Conservative incumbents. She will make this a horse race.

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