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Conservatives admit to using taxpayers money to spy on Dion.

I’m referring to the earlier article Michelle posted up at her site about the fact that the Conservatives are using taxpayers money to spy on Dion and the Liberals.

Well, hat-tip here this AM to Braedan for finding this in the Gazette this morning that the Conservatives are making no effort to deny they’re using taxpayers money to do the spying:

Sparrow refused to explain why Murray’s activities were being paid out of the House of Commons research budget rather than out of party coffers.

The “spying” part (or researching the opposition if you prefer it said in that manner) I have no objection to – every party does it, and probably should do it, quite honestly. But, not everyone decides to raid the Commons research budget (and taxpayers money) to fund a partisan effort like this. Canadians should find it particularly galling when the Conservatives are boasting about how flush with cash they are. Well, they’re apparently miserly when it comes to using their own cash to do “opposition research”, and they’ve apparently decided they’d rather use the taxpayers money to do their dirty work.


6 comments to Conservatives admit to using taxpayers money to spy on Dion.

  • L. emersonia

    From Sun Tsu:
    The army one wishes to strike, the walled city on wishes to attack and the person one wishes to kill–
    One must first know the family name and given name of the defending general, his intimates, the steward, the gatekeeper and attendants.
    I order my spy to surely seek them out and know them.

    Now, is that the picture a Canadian wants of our Prime Minister? Harper is already creeping me out, but really this is too much. Who else is Harper paying people with research funds to spy on? Are Harper’s people out there filming the joe and joelene Canadians who show up for events? How is this important enough to be filmed and paid for by Canadians? If this spy tape of Dion wind up in electioneering formats will it then be counted as the peoples’ money or the Con party’s? That is the question.
    Enough with Harper’s paranoia, and enough with the Canadian people paying for it! Pay for your own paranoia Harper, or get a camera shoved in your face sometime when you least expect it, eh! Lord knows, the most righteous are the most aggrieved, right?

  • Wang Woo

    All the main political parties, both federal and provincial have taxpayer-funded “research bureaus” used to gather information on their opponents. This is a non-story spawned by the Liberal Research Bureau. It’s not a coincidence that a party with a non-leader like Dion creates a non-story to generate a non-scandal.

    For more, see:

  • L, emersonia

    This is pretty much a non-issue with the BTs. They’re trying quite mightily to brush it off as nothing. However, using taxpayer money for this sort of activity is not good. Now I wonder how much more “spying” Harper and his minions are doing. Time for an audit of the Research Budget 🙂

  • His job is to do opposition research. Why do you care how he does it, as long as it is legal?

  • Upset Guy

    I also find it weird that on his business card in the video (if it is real) he can advertise the Party website, with a Parliamentary email account, and the Government theme

  • I’m with you. There’s nothing wrong with the spying, but sending a House of Commons employee to do it? Not kosher.

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