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More evidence that the Tories new green plan won’t be up to snuff

A little snippet in the Toronto Star this morning shows that for the first time ever, the Tories are refusing to allow environmental groups a preview of the budget before it’s released:

Climate Action Network, Friends of the Earth and others have not been invited to a budget “lock-up” being held by the federal finance department to give interest groups a chance to familiarize themselves with the complex document so they can comment knowledgeably as soon as it becomes public. “It’s the first time we have had such a cold shoulder,” said Beatrice Olivastri, chief executive officer of Friends of the Earth…La Presse said Greenpeace and Equiterre were also not invited to the preview.

These are all groups that have been critical of the Conservatives approach to climate change and for its refusal to comply with the Kyoto Protocol. Their exclusion from this pre-budget screening process gives you an indication I would submit that the Conservatives new plan for the environment isn’t going to be hard caps.. but will continue to peddle “intensity targets” as their solution. Why give these groups a few extra days to prepare their criticism of that is probably Harper’s reasoning.


6 comments to More evidence that the Tories new green plan won’t be up to snuff

  • wilson61

    LOL, no, I’m not a Conservative staffer Scott! Just an old Reformer.
    Is this enviro group the same one that insulted Rona….about the hair?
    People get the respect they deserve.

  • ALready read and posted about… thanks.

  • Joseph

    Yeah, I’m smelling a poison pill as the cons are clearly pushing for an election – either that or they’ve got the saber-rattling act going full force.

    I just sent you an email, Scott, on another planted push about election/budget.

  • I’m pretty sure “the silent majority” favors hard caps, outlined by those interest groups. Try again.

  • …as opposed to all the big business groups that will still get a chance to look at the budget, eh Wilson? The only difference is they’re special interest groups the Conservatives pander to and like.. so they get invited. (And the environmental groups WERE invited to the 2006 Conservative budget pre-screening, by the way).

    Please.. spare me the Tory Kool-Aid Wilson, for once. .. if possible. I know you’re probably a Conservative staffer doing her loyal duty to the Party… but really.. you need to learn to stop going overboard with statements that arent even credible.

    (By the way, the “silent majority” and not-so-silent majority of Canadians want action on climate change… in case you hadn’t noticed).

  • wilson61

    This is one of attitudes I like about the new Conservatives. Special interest groups are on the outside looking in, policy is formed for the silent majority rather than noisy lefties.

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