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Pembina Insitute endorses Liberals/Dion’s greenhouse emissions plan

Hat tip to commentator and sometime blogger Knb for pointing out that the Pembina Institute has issued a press release that endorses the environmental plan Dion and the Liberals released earlier today which detailed caps on emissions and investments into green technology:

This is the strongest proposal for regulating industrial greenhouse gas pollution made by any political party in Canada. It sets a new standard against which the Harper government’s soon-to-be-announced regulatory framework must be judged,” said Matthew Bramley, Director of the Pembina Institute’s climate change program. “We welcome the proposal because it sets the right targets and the right timelines – those laid out in the Kyoto Protocol. And it puts a high enough price on emissions to drive large-scale deployment of low-emission technology in Canada,”

A very good move by the Liberals to release this before the Budget, as it can now be compared to what the Conservatives will release – and I have no doubt intensity targets will be prominently featured in that plan.


4 comments to Pembina Insitute endorses Liberals/Dion’s greenhouse emissions plan

  • knb

    Jan, if you’d read the Pembina report, you would have seen that they say, it’s the best of any Party, not Government. If Jack had this exact plan, he would have been mentioned.

    Honestly, I saw Comartin cite word for word what you just said. Bad tact, IMO. I know the NDP have to keep their credibility up, but doing that will not stand you in good stead, IMHO.

    Kim, it’s early day’s.

  • It’s good news that they’re finally coming forward with a plan and not letting the Cons continue to dominate the agenda. The Green Investment Account is an “interesting” mechanism to provide price stability but hopefully it’s a short term mechanism until a stable market mechanism can be established. Otherwise it will be viewed for what it is — a tax. And a tax really shouldn’t be needed if carbon allocations are set correctly. Even though it hasn’t worked at all yet in Europe providing a market mechanism really is the right way to incent innovation. The big concern I would have with the GIA is what’s the government going to do with all that money for the (up to) two years prior to going into the investment fund. That’s alot of money just to have sitting there.

    Hopefully there’s a consumer edition coming down the pipe as well. It’s an area not being effectively addressed by either party and given the Census data that came out this week one that has to be addressed relatively quickly.

  • janfromthebruce

    Yap, we all thinks it was a good idea. Glad to see the Dion Liberal’s finally getting on board to a great idea of acap and trade emissions, like Layton suggested in 2004 and campaigned on in 2006.

  • knb

    If their strongest suit is intensity targets, they will have a very short lived tough slog.

    Thx for the h/t, :em56:

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