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Latest poll in Quebec: A 3-way horserace

I was given a heads-up to this new poll by Antonio of Fuddle-Duddle, the blogger I consider to be my primary authority on when I want to know whats going on in this unpredictable election. Leger’s latest poll on the Quebec election shows its anyone’s to win:

Quebec is in the middle of its tightest election race ever, pollster Jean-Marc Leger said last night, issuing an opinion poll that puts the Parti Quebecois and the Action democratique du Quebec tied at 30 per cent each – only three points behind the governing Liberals.

What really bothers Antonio is this part of the poll:

Among francophones, the poll said, the ADQ leads with 35 per cent, the PQ comes second with 34 per cent, and the Liberals trail with 24 per cent. When it comes to who would make the best premier, Dumont scored 33 per cent, Charest 28 per cent and Boisclair 22 per cent.

Right now, the performance of Dumont in the debate and his brandishing of a prop that may not have even proved what he was trying to accuse the Liberals of has not hurt Dumont – it appears to have given him momentum. Unless these poll #’s switch soon, Charest is in big trouble, and it appears that the federal budget and what Harper decides to do may be the provincial Liberals last best hope for pulling this out of the fire. What a comforting prospect that must be.


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