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Dumont’s stunt worked

Well.. I’ve read pundits who said the debate was at best a draw (though most thought Dumont didnt do that great), and that Dumont got heavily attacked and criticized for his pulling out a prop in the form of a document (which no one asked how Dumont got his hands on either) and claiming the Liberals knew (or their bureaucracy knew) about the problems with the bridge in Laval and could have prevented its collapse.

However, I was reading here that apparently has resonated with Quebec voters:

CROP poll numbers indicate, among other things, that 40% of Quebec voters’ impression of Dumont’s ADQ went up after the debate, while only 23% said the same about Boisclair and the PQ, and 14% for Charest’s Liberals.

What does that prove? Pundits and opinion columnists don’t necessarily gauge the electorate too well and their reaction, at least not in Quebec. It will be real interesting to see the next set of poll numbers on this race.


4 comments to Dumont’s stunt worked

  • I watched the debate and I didn’t think Dumont did that well, but since his stunt with the document grabbed all the headlines the next day I’m not surprised that people are paying more attention to him. By people I mean those who don’t follow politics as much as those who would comment on forums and saw all the headlines talking about Dumont and therefore figgured he must have done well which increased their opinion of him.

  • Radical Centrist is 100% Correct

    the pundits in Quebec received a good tongue-lashing from their readers as mario Dumont faced rising pressure yesterday.

    What was in the document was smoke and mirrors made to deflect away from the weakness of his numbers and his team.

  • I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to know what ‘resonated’ with Quebecers to spend time reading comments on user forums on sites such as, the French site, etc. I did that yesterday and the reader comments were overwhelmingly against Mario and his stunt. The 40% Dumont got might be more in the sense that people were expecting him to self destruct as he did in 2003, but that didn’t happen. Michel C. Auger, for example, in his blog entry, gave Mario the “gold medal” – but clearly said it’s because he knows Dumont and the ADQ won’t win the election, and so they can say whatever they want – less pressure on them (sort of like Duceppe in federal debates). Auger got slammed by his readers – they were pretty much all in agreement that Dumont did not do well and to give him points for a cheap stunt was pretty sad.

    So if your French is good enough, check out Quebec forums and blogs. Then you’ll know what public opinion is really like over here.

  • I thought Dumont’s performance was shabby. But he got every headline today. And thenumber of people who read the headlines of the papers on a Wednesday morning is about 20 times as many as watch the debate on a Tuesday night. Whether you agree with the analysis or not (and I don’t) the fact is he owned the front section of every paper today, and probably will tomorrow.

    When you’re “the third place guy” that truly is the best you can hope for. At least in the short term…

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