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Dion sets out his law-and-order policy

I have been harping on here for the past couple of weeks that Dion and the Liberals need to be more policy-specific and not so vague in generalities on issues in order to attract Canadian voters to them.

Today, Dion has done that in one policy area by unveiling his law-and-order strategy on what the Liberals would do on that front:

– More money for provinces to hire municipal police office

– An extra $200 million for the RCMP to hire 400 officers as part of a new “rapid enforcement team” to fight gangs and gun activity, organized crime and drug trafficking.

– Reverse-onus bail hearings for people arrested on gun crime, which would require the arrested to justify their release on bail.

– Tougher laws to protect children from being lured by Internet-based predators and to make it harder for criminals to commit identity theft.

– Setting up a fund to help improve security at places of worship for “at-risk communities”.

I applaud the release of this, as it effectively will negate the “soft on crime” charge the Conservatives are trying to stick the Liberals with, and show the public that the Liberals do have a specific alternative plan.

I’ll also note the key difference in this plan and the Conservatives – the Liberals will continue to present the case that “tougher and longer sentences” is nothing but political propaganda on the Consevatives part to try and show the public they’re “tough on crime” – when the fact of the matter is that it does little to deter crime or lower crime rates, and that as Dion said, in US states where longer minimum sentences are in force, those states crime rates actually fell less then states that didn’t have this in place.

It would also be wise to point out here that over the last 30 years, violent crime rates in Canada have actually dropped.. and that Harper claiming the streets aren’t as safe as when he grew up is not factually supported – not that facts ever stopped the Conservatives from claiming something. We just need to make sure we forcefully repudiate their claims every chance we get.


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