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A public thanks to Dan Arnold.

So, to all those who don’t visit the Progressive Bloggers site regularly, we’ve posted an administrative announcement over there of bringing on 3 new moderators. But, the reason I’m posting this is due to the departure of 1 moderator, and that is Dan Arnold, better known as CalgaryGrit.

I’ve already said this at the diary, but I wanted to say again that Dan deserves a lot of credit for helping to get Progressive Bloggers off of the ground. It was I who first emailed a bunch of prominent bloggers on the centre-left back in 2005 (I was at this point doing blog contributions to BlogsCanada’s site) asking if we couldnt get an aggregator together like what the Blogging Tories had. I remember the first note was to the now-departed-from-the-blogosphere Gracchi, and it expanded from there. There was a fair # of discussions, but it was Dan and Wayne Chu (then of Freethought) who took the bull by the horns, and got the site up and running, changing it from a concept to a reality. It was also they who agreed to my suggestion we call this place “Progressive Bloggers” to attract a wide variety of bloggers.

So.. I will once again state my public thanks to Dan for helping that become a reality. He leaves on good terms and he’s still a Prog Blog affiliate… he’s just a really busy guy. I’m sure he’ll still be popping by to say hello 🙂


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