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Proof that all Liberals can get along

Antonio and Dion bury the hatchet

This picture, stolen off of Facebook, proves it. If Antonio of Fuddle-Duddle can do this, there’s hope for the Liberal Party yet. Ironically, the sign in the background says the “Special of the Day” in french. Very fitting.


7 comments to Proof that all Liberals can get along

  • I’d also add that Harper is abusive, manipulative, and a control freak.

  • You took time off from school Paul to come here to say that?

    For what its worth, I find Harper to be a manipulating control-freak bully.. so right back at you.

  • Paul

    Dion is such a frail, weak, indecisive person. Every inch of him screams weakness. What a pathetic ‘leader’!

  • WestmountLiberal

    My friend Antonio’s been outed – as a Dion supporter 😉

  • Riaad

    Dion looks totally ecstatic in the picture. Totally.

  • Drive-By Smear! Drive-By Smear!

    This post is Unfair!

    hehe It is no secret I greatly admire our great leader Stephane Dion.

    Judging by this picture, I dont think he is a fan of Fuddle Duddle…

  • sinestra

    Hilarious! But actually it says special of the moment, so that might explain things a bit.

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