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The Bloggers Hotstove, March 12/07

This edition was originally going to have Antonio of Fuddle-Duddle on to talk a bit about the election in Quebec, but he got tied up in Ottawa, so the panel turned to talking about – what else – the Myblagh saga that has been going on the past week, and related topics like partisan blogrolls and how much political parties should be involved in them. James Bow and Andrew Anderson of Bound By Gravity/Canadian Blog Exchange fame joined Greg to talk about this.

The podcast can be found here.


7 comments to The Bloggers Hotstove, March 12/07

  • Yeah, technical difficulties which made this show a one-trick pony, and the fact that Antonio couldn’t make it on, sort of stalled us out of the gate. Hopefully next week will be better.

  • It would have been more lively if Antonio would have made it on. Maybe next week he will be.

  • Right, sorry, the three of them. :em19: Anderson was good.

  • Three of you?

    I wasn’t on the panel ๐Ÿ™‚ – not this week.

  • Actually, I thought this one was a little boring, too, and I’m a fan. It seemed as though the three of you agreed alot. That’s okay in this case because you all happened to be right. But it doesn’t make for many fireworks.

  • I’m not sure what alternate viewpoint you wanted, but if you think he could have done better, write to Greg Staples and leave him a note.

  • I really didn’t think the podcast was all that great. They didn’t even have someone there for an alternate viewpoint.

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