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Everyone Who Wants Warren Kinsella To STFU Raise Their Hand

Posted by Paladiea

Normally I don’t read the National Post, or use it for it’s intended purpose as lining for a litter box, but today I was just feeling lucky… With my birthday freshly behind me (and what a birthday that was!), I figured that there wouldn’t be anything that could possibly piss me off. And then I read this.

Well, you couldn’t imagine my surprise. I mean wow, what an accurate and detailed analysis of events from someone who was right there. It was totally Kinsella that was in the thick of things when this whole controversy broke, and of course he was the one who set everything in motion. Good job Warren.

But hey, what do I know? It’s not like I was there or anything. And I distinctly remember not debating Warren at all, and I also distinctly remember that Robert wasn’t actually representing the official NDP. But of course, this is my favorite part:

“Despite his clear anti-Semitism, Mc- Clelland has somehow been permitted to promote the NDP for many, many months. His site features links to the official NDP Web site, photos of Mr. Layton, and even (ironically) a tribute to David Lewis. It has been long believed that he is a sanctioned online voice for the NDP.”(emphasis mine)

Because it’s now officially illegal to have links to any party sites on your blog except by permit. And of course, why go with facts when you can just go with “everyone believed this to be so”. I have to say Warsy, your writing sucks, and you shouldn’t write about things that you know nothing about. Oh, and also… What’s the point of having a blog if all you’re going to do is write two lines per post?

March 8, 2007 – My name is Warren, and I write for the National Post today about how the NDP is smart. My name is Warren, and I also write (for the first time since Joey Ramone died) about music for the National Post. My name is Warren, and accessmag wants me to interview Johnny Rotten tomorrow. In person. And some of us remember what happened last time, eh?

I know you think you’re smart and all but that’s totally lame.


9 comments to Everyone Who Wants Warren Kinsella To STFU Raise Their Hand

  • Ti-Guy

    The funny part, if Robert is such a “nobody” as Warren claims in the article, why is he writing an article about the irrelevant guy?

    That is always the question when Kinsella embarks on one of his witch-hunts. Why does he do it? What benefit is there in doing it? But this is bizarre; what purpose can be served by assassinating the character of a nobody?

  • The funny part, if Robert is such a “nobody” as Warren claims in the article, why is he writing an article about the irrelevant guy?

  • Charlie Barnard

    “Some critics of Israel conveniently focus on Israeli wrongdoings to mask their blatant anti-Semitism.” Too often, these days, this sort of criticism has emanated from the left.

    What a complete and utter load of crap. I can’t believe they pay this guy to write. What happened to fact based journalism. You remember what I’m talking about: the kind that actually refers to real life events accurately to back up the article. I haven’t seen any of that in a while.

  • Ti-Guy

    Oh, for love of God. I hadn’t read Warren’s screech all that closely (he nauseates me and he’s dull) but that statement “On Sunday afternoon, there was a discussion on McClelland’s Web site headlined: “When the State starts rounding up my Jewish neighbours, I’ll speak up.” is factually dead wrong. It’s obvious Warren didn’t even bother reading the post or the comments, because that quote was my comment in the now-infamous thread, and I only meant it to mean that that I’m going to tolerate discussion up to a point until people’s civil rights are violated, which is what I objected to so strongly in Robert’s comment.

    Warren Kinsella is a hack. Dishonest, lazy hack. I’d write The Post and demand a retraction, but I dont’ want a retraction. I want that glaring error to remain a testament to how simply awful the journalism of The Post and Warren Kinsella really is.

  • Holy shit. Excuse my French. Kinsella wrote that article in the same newspaper that ran the fake “Iranian badges for Jews” story? Holy hypocrital hack.

  • Warren is being Warren. He likes to spout off, and be very vocal about an issue that doesn’t deserve that sort of attention, but he is right, in a certain way. It would probably have been better to be a bit easier with his assessment, and maybe actually make some constructive comments, but I’m not totally offended by what he did.

  • I raised mine the day it happened. I knew this was what Jason wanted and had no doubt Kinsella would be in on the dog pile.

    This kind of smearing, its what these opportunists live for. Its why I was defending Rob at Jsaon’s blog that day.

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    Consider my hand raised.


    I particularly liked his reference to a post, “headlined: ‘When the State starts rounding up my Jewish neighbours, I’ll speak up.'” Has anyone seen this post? I distinctly remember a post of Robert’s called “Religious Reich Whingers” causing quite a stir earlier in the week, but I seem to have missed the post Kinsella is talking about. Must have been pretty juicy to warrant coverage in a national newspaper. Do you suppose Kinsella even went to MyBlagh before writing a commentary about it for the Post? (Plus, writing a commentary in a national newspaper about this, and naming Robert? Get a life Kinsella).

    It’s like Warren (and Jason) don’t even realize they’re making even people who thought what Robert wrote was terrible start to feel a little disheartened, and to feel uneasy about the “side” they’ve chosen (such as it is). I totally stand by everything I’ve written on this little “scandal” but when I saw that piece in the Post, I immediately wanted to somehow express my outrage (but without appearing hypocritical, or as though by “defending” Robert somehow from THIS idiocy, I’d changed my mind on the original issue). Thanks Scott for a way/place/encouragement to do that.

    Kinsella and Cherniak should both STFU now.

    And Robert, if you’re reading this, I’d LOVE to post that sentiment in a comment to a MyBlagh post if you choose to write one about this (though I’d imagine you’re thoroughly sick of talking about it). I still totally disagree with what you wrote, and yadda, yadda, yadda, but man are Kinsella and Cherniak getting on my nerves. Kinsella especially. Cherniak at least is just blogging away. But a story in the National Post!?!?


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