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I’ve been Facebook’ed (and Prog Blog is there as well)

Yes, I’ve fallen for the Facebook trap, and am there now as well. I actually had been aware of Facebook when I was sent a couple of photos (from I think Jason Cherniak) that had taken of a group of us bloggers (myself included) in the blogging room at the Liberal Convention in December, but I really feigned little interest in it til I’d seen a couple of posters complain how addictive it was.

Curious, I took a look, and I’ve caught the addiction. I’ve my own page and I’ve joined the Liblogs group which has been created there.

I’ve also made a Progressive Bloggers group, and that membership is slowly growing as Prog Bloggers either get on there and find out I and the group are there or vice versa – I find out they’re Facebook members and I send them my own invitations.

So, if you’re a Facebook person, and also a Prog Blog member, send me a note, and I’ll add you.


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