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Be proactive, not reactive. Be aggressive, not passive.

In brief. I disagree with Jason’s “don’t worry, be happy, nothing to worry about” assertions here (which is what that post is, in my opinion) while I am in agreement to Jonathan’s rebuttal.

To me, claiming that the status quo is what we have to live with, and advocating the strategy of sitting on your hands and letting things happen as they may isn’t acceptable. That’s what governing parties or parties in the lead in polls should do, not Opposition Party’s or ones behind in the polls. Its time to throw caution to the wind.


2 comments to Be proactive, not reactive. Be aggressive, not passive.

  • LOL, didn’t Jason not only predict Martin’s re-election, but a Liberal majority too?

    All I’m saying is consider the track record or the source.

  • I don’ think we should be lulled into some false sense of security, by pointing to Martin’s big lead prior to the last election. Liberals are arrogant to forget that many people stuck with the party mostly because they lacked a credible alternative, not because they were so wonderful. As a matter of fact, had it not been for a fractured right, I suspect the Liberal Party would have turfed years prior. Once Harper moved to the middle with careful messaging, the fear factor diminished and when coupled with the abysmal Martin campaign, they took power. For anyone to point to Harper’s “turnaround” and extrapolate that to Dion is mixing apples and oranges. There is no latent kick the bums out sentiment and any reading of the Liberal fall needs to recognize that. We fall on crutchs at our own peril, and it’s not even the polls, its the sense you get.

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