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Happy Birthday Pa… I Mean Happy International Women’s Day!

Posted by Paladiea

While I turn a quarter century today, International Women’s Day turns a grand old 30. So let’s do a little timeline of events that that happened in Canada from 1977 until now.

1980: Jeanne Sauve became the first woman Speaker of the House of Commons

1981: Canada ratifies the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

1982: Bertha Wilson became the first women to sit as a Justice of the Supreme Court. (Happy birthday Paladiea!!)

1984: Jeanne Sauve becomes the first Governer General. The second woman to be appointed GG in the British Commomwealth

1986: Canada enacts Equal Wage Guidelines

1988: Canada’s Supreme court hands down the Morgantaler decision

1989: Audrey McLaughlin becomes the first woman leader. Of the NDP of course.

1991: Rita Johnston becomes the first woman Premier, albeit briefly.

1992: Roberta Bondar becomes the first Canadian woman in space.

1993: Kim Campbell becomes the first Prime Minister of Canada (once again briefly, although still much better than our current one)

2000: Beverley McLachlin becomes the first women Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

2001: The Government of Canada launches a Pay Equity Task Force

Also, there are a few extra bits of good news. Worldwide, the percentage of women politicians is at 16% as of 2006. In Canada, the percentage is at 35%. That’s great, but we can see some more involvement definitely.

As you can see, Canada has paved the way on so many issues that affect women. Which is why it’s extra disconcerting to see the Connies wreak havoc with our international reputation this way. The slashing of funding to the Status of Women in Canada was an extra slap in the face. I don’t think the Conservatives understand this is the kind of reputation that Canada has abroad, the fact that we lead by example on social issues, and not beating up on smaller countries. But you know what they say about small minded men with guns… But I digress.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the timeline I’ve put together. It was informative and fun to do. Happy International Women’s Day!


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