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Chalk Up Another One For Law and Order

Posted By Paladiea

In the Star:

Toronto terrorism suspect Mahmoud Jaballah will be released on strict bail conditions after more than five years in jail without charges, despite government protests he remains a danger to Canada.

His release comes on the heels of last month’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down an immigration law as unconstitutional and deals another blow to the government’s handling of security cases involving non-citizens.

Finally! I’m glad to see that Canada is finally coming around and applying human rights to everyone within it’s borders. It’s about time. Unfortunately there are still some people left in “Guantanamo North”:

Another terrorism suspect, Mohamed Mahjoub, was also ordered released by the federal court last month under conditions that amount to a house arrest and include an electronic monitoring bracelet and close supervision.

But Mahjoub still remains detained with Jaballah in the facility dubbed “Guantanamo North” by its critics until all the bail conditions are implemented by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Let’s hope that changes quickly. For those of you who think that releasing these people is a bad idea, let me remind you that the process of law and order applies to everyone, and everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty. To lock someone up without charge or showing evidence against them is a gross miscarriage of justice.

Canada has done the right thing today.


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