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An Introduction

Posted by Paladiea

So, as Scott has already mentioned, I’ve been invited to join his blog as a guest until I can get my own site up. I thank him for his hospitality.

I guess I should write about why I left… Except that everyone knows why I left, so let me make a few things clear; I still don’t think that Robert is an anti-semite, and I think that this whole affair has been woefully blown out of proportion. I still respect Robert immensely and I hope he doesn’t harbour any hard feelings over my departure… as sudden as it was.

Be that as it may, what’s done is done. So I guess I have to look ahead instead of back, so I’d like to remind you of the fact that International Women’s Day is in 2 days. I invite everyone to post about how women are doing around the world and right here at home. I myself will be doing a comparison of stats on women around the world and Canada. It’s my opinion that while we’ve done a lot of good, we still have a ways to go.

Once again, thank you Scott for your hospitality, and I hope that I haven’t lost any of my readers for my decision.



10 comments to An Introduction

  • He was – but the vote was 5-1.

  • :em42:

    Doctor Dawg

    Just for the sake of transparency, and because I am a newcomer:

    Were you one of the committee that decided Robert McClelland’s fate? If so, that’s a bit odd. You certainly seem to have a problem of objectivity and critical distance, if your response to McClelland here is a measurement.

  • Huh? You mean my attempt at humour about your good bud “Art Decco?” (I’d actually found an “Arthur Decco” on the web who turns out to be a bank-robber.) Just as well you’re censoring comments at your place at about the same rate of knots as Werner Patels, eh? Someone might have taken me seriously. Duh.

    “Digital brown-shirt,” though. That’s a keeper.

    I think you need a good night’s rest, Robert. Hey, take the week off.

  • I’m gobsmacked. I really am.

    I don’t doubt it, Dr. Dawg. But then you digital brownshirts generally are when you work yourselves up into a state of high dudgeon.

    Now why don’t you tell the nice folks here about your cowardly attempt this morning to start a smear campaign against a myblahg commenter on my site instead of doing it on your own.

  • _I wrote about how women are faring, statistically, in Cdn print media four months ago; one response only.

  • “But what do you make of this?

    He’s a stubborn bugger who misdirected his anger over his treatment by his fellow progressives.

  • Y’know, Paladiea, until about five minutes ago I was with you–I didn’t think Robert was an anti-Semite either, just a stubborn bugger who doesn’t know how to apologize.

    But what do you make of this?


    #46 arthurdecco Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 9:05 pm | |

    There you go again, Marky.

    Its not about where the information comes from. It’s about the information itself. Is it verifiable? Is it credible?

    That’s it.

    #47 MarkyMark Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 9:07 pm | |

    It is neither verifiable nor credible.

    Jews simply do not control the world. It’s a silly (but deadly) spectacular falsehood. The Big Lie.

    #48 Robert McClelland Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 9:09 pm | |

    Stop trying to bait Art, Mark, or I’ll throw your ass out of here.


    For denying an anti-Semite’s claim that “Jews rule the world”, a poster gets threatened with expulsion?

    If anyone thinks this is out of context, go read the exchange themselves:

    I’m gobsmacked. I really am.

  • I hope he doesn’t harbour any hard feelings over my departure…

    Of course not. In fact I’ve been looking to get rid of you for quite some time now.:em20:

    Seriously though, I think you’ll do better here where you won’t have to deal with the nimrods looking to take you down just to get back at me.

    And as I said, the Blahg door is always open should you decide you like dealing with the silly crap or Scott’s unnatural hatred for the Albanians becomes too unbearable. I really don’t understand his obsession with the Albanians. :em47:

  • You will at the very least be more accessible to those who wish to comment without registering with the site.

    If you need any help in setting up your new digs, let me know.

  • Who knows, you might pick up some new ones here :em19:

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