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Democrats will continue to fight to make sure no more Maher Ahar’s happen

It’s nice to see the Democrats arent backing down from pressing this:

Representative Ed Markey says he is optimistic a Democratic-controlled Congress can end the practice known as “extraordinary rendition” in which detainees are transferred to countries where there are substantial grounds to believe they could be tortured. The first step to ending the “repugnant and counterproductive” rendition practice, Markey says, is a tough congressional investigation of the case of the B.C. software engineer. Markey, under his bill in the House of Representatives, would compel the administration to compile a list of countries known to abuse and torture prisoners and prevent the deportation of anyone to any of them unless the secretary of state certified that the country in question no longer practised abuse. A “diplomatic assurance” from a country would no longer suffice.

In reality, I’m doubtful much can be done until (if/when) the Democrats regain the Presidency in 2008, but its nice to see them not throwing their hands up in the air because of potential roadblocks in a filibustered Senate or a presidential veto.


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