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A guest blogger joins me in my Diatribes for a couple of weeks.

You all know by now what happened with Myblagh and its subsequent removal from the Progressive Blogger blogroll. One of the fallouts from that is that Paladiea, the former co-blogger there, has nowhere to blog, because she didnt agree with the statements issued there or the refusal to apologize or be contrite about them, and decided to leave MyBlagh.

I don’t always agree with what Paladiea has had to say, but I feel it unfortunate she got sideswiped in all of this, so I’ve offered to let her guest blog here until she decides to get her own blog up and running (which I understand she will be in 2-3 weeks), and she has accepted my offer.

My introduction is necessary for a couple of reasons – to let people know she is guest-blogging here.. and to prevent the Liberal bloggers in my viewing audience from thinking I’ve suddenly gone socialist on them by mistaking some of her posts for something I’ve written or condoned. What I will probably have her do is to post a little intro for each of her posts (ie “Posted by guest-blog writer Paladiea”) to distinguish her posts from mine.

Anyhow, she’s here a few weeks.. so welcome her aboard.


5 comments to A guest blogger joins me in my Diatribes for a couple of weeks.

  • Paladiea,

    Hope you go vote on the Blogging Dipper resolutions, as you’ve been a member with MyBlagh for a long time, and hope to see you back soon.

  • Joseph

    Welcome Paladiea! I look forward to your posts.

    And good job Scott! You’re doing good.

  • Thanks guys.

    I’ll be posting something later on this evening most likely. I guess I’ll have to explain my actions in more detail…

  • Pal and Scott,

    Well done.

    Pal, I respect your decision as I’m sure it was hard. I tried to defend Robert at Jason’s place but Robert’s own actions undercut me. I cannot support him any more either. I have removed the Blogging Dippers from my site and no longer consider myself one (I was going that way anyway, since I quit the party and turned to anarchism, just a little sooner than I thought).

    I just shake my head at this whole sad state of affairs.

    Anyway, I look forward to your posts.

  • I’m very glad to read this. You know you have my support and friendship, Paladiea.

    And that was a fine gesture, Scott.

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