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Notice: Prog Blog is temporarily down

Since I can’t post it there.. I’ll post it here. The server at Prog Blog is having difficulties – I cant say for certain if its an error on its end, or if we’re suffering from an outside attack.. but some of us at the site are aware of the situation and are working to get it back up.

UPDATE @9:00PM: Unfortunately, Wayne appears to be AWOL today, and since he is the only one who can access the server to see what the problem is.. the site will probably remain down til he either reads his urgent emails from me and Saskboy, or he gets on and notices it himself. It appears to be a total server crash, as our moderator forums are also hosted here on the same server as the main Progressive Blogger page, and we get the same error at that site. If any of you know Wayne or how to get ahold of him.. please tell him about the problem.

UPDATE 2 @ Midnight: The site is still down, so I presume Wayne hasnt read his emails 😉 I’ll suggest just keep trying intermittently till you see its back up. I’ll post here about our return once I know we’re back and functioning.


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