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Another poll – this one a lot closer

I think we get a different polling company releasing every day around here. It makes sense – why release on the same day when you can have the spotlight all to yourself?

Anyhow, this is one from Ipsos-Reid, and while the Conservatives lead, their lead is only by 4, making me even more convinced then I already am that the 14 point “online poll” needs to be looked at rather dubiously.

Interesting thing about this poll – the Liberals climbed in Quebec, while the Tories and Bloc both dropped.


3 comments to Another poll – this one a lot closer

  • Whooee! I noticed that there was alittle bit o’ discussion on whether these here online polls is as accurate as telephone polls. I got some personal experience so I’ll share what I know. My wifemate ( I call her “Ma”) is a member of Ipsos’ online pollin’ group. Ispos emails Ma an’ gets her t’ do surveys. They tell ‘er they’re givin’ away some prize to a lucky survey-answerer t’ get her t’ work fer ’em fer free.

    I see some o’ the surveys an’ I gotta say they’re comprehensive. When they recruited Ma, she give ’em all sortsa personal info like where we live an’ if she’s aparty member (she ain’t) an’ other stuff like income an’ job an’ education an’ how many kids an’ stuff like that.

    I figger these type o’ polls is probbly as accurate as the anonymous telephone polls. That ain’t sayin’ they’re a hunnert percent. Neither one is a hunnert percent.

    What ain’t accurate is polls where anonymous respondents click a choice. Them things can usually be manipulated by anybuddy with more’n one browser on their ‘puter or more’n one ‘puter. They’re also easily manipulated by a gang effort t’ get out the vote fer one side or the other. Angus-Reid’s runnin’ one o’ them sorta polls.

    I hope they don’t try t’ pass it off as accurate ’cause it ain’t.

    BTW, most every poll sez the Dionysians ain’t doin’ too well an’ they mostly pin the blame on Dion hisself. He’s got work t’ do on his image, sez I. I reckon a lotta Canajuns wanna firebrand fer a champion an’ Dion seems too soft an’ meek an’ mild. He oughtn’t take any cues from Bully-Boy-in-Chief but he oughta get a little tougher an’ talk a little tougher. A streetfighter like Chretien’d whip an ivory-tower egghead like Harpoon any day.


  • I found this in the paper version of the Post today. It was on about page 8. They buried it pretty deeply. Doesn’t quite fit the new paradigm.

  • I agree that the 14 was a little rich, but isn’t Darryl Bricker (of notorious 2006 election fame) over at Ipsos?

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