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2 new additions to the blogroll for all the computer geeks out there

I’ve added 2 new links to my “Canadian Blogs I read Daily” blogroll, and they belong to the same person.

Nox Dineen used to run Vox Noxi, which was on the Progressive Bloggers blogroll. She got tired of political blogging and decided to turn her focus on a techie blog (still trying to convince her to start up a political blog again, but for now this is what she’s focused on).

I’ve talked to her a fair bit even after she left Prog Blog and she really is into techie gadget and computer hardware/software stuff. So, if you’re into tech stuff and computers and that related field, I recommend checking out the 2 sites she maintains – Geek Goddess Blog, which she will update more or less on a daily basis, and Geek Goddess TV, a weekly feature which she describes as “a video podcast about geek culture, web goodness, gadgets, and techno-lust.”.

I actually prefer her video-blogging site, as it comes through to the viewer better her description of what’s out there. But, check them both out.


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