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Dion lays the smackdown on the National Post’s Jonathan Kay.

So some of my Tory trolls.. er.. colleagues.. have been pointing to a Jonathan Kay article a couple days ago that claims “ethno-politics” was the reason the Liberals voted against the Sunset clauses. Well, thanks to The Dan Report for pointing to Dion’s response that he wrote to the National Post and published today in that paper, where he systematically takes apart Kay’s article as being a piece of fiction, as well as pointing out why the Liberals really opposed the clauses – here’s an excerpt, entitled ‘Protecting security and rights with equal vigour’:

Despite Mr. Kay’s belief that there is a grand conspiracy afoot, the truth is that each leadership camp enjoyed the support of Liberals of Sikh origin from across the country. Far from being shunned, Bob Rae was in fact one of the candidates to be supported by significant numbers of Sikh Canadians, including his campaign chair, former B.C. premier and current Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh and former Cabinet minister Herb Dhaliwal. Michael Ignatieff, Gerard Kennedy and myself also had significant numbers of Sikh-Canadian delegates. This is not a surprise since we each had campaigns that appealed to Canadians of all creeds, colours and ethnicity. Such inclusivity may confuse people like Mr. Kay but it is irresponsible of him to suggest that the only possible explanation for such participation by ethnic minorities in politics is a nefarious plot to undermine national security.

Read the whole article – Dion is at his best when he writes out responses and rebuttals to positions (remember the letters published in Quebec in the newspapers against Lucienne Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau and company over their arguments for separation? He tore their arguments apart.) and this is another example of it.


10 comments to Dion lays the smackdown on the National Post’s Jonathan Kay.

  • You obviously haven’t one clue about how the real world works. “State of Denial” should be the new name of the Liberal Party, and “Flipper” or “Dr. DoLittle” for Princess Steffi as the media is now writing.

  • Let me get this straight… Mr. Sorenson thinks that the onus of proof is on DION to refute Kay’s wild allegations? Uh, no. That’s not how it works. Dion said that the matter was carefully discussed in caucus, and that no deal was involved. He also pointed out that the whole allegation is impossible, because the supposed exclusive leadership support that Kay asserts never existed. Why would Mr. Dion or any of the other candidates make a deal that didn’t, um, actually benefit them?

    As for your link, that argument is also meaningless. Even if Dion had gone through an “agent” for contacts with the eeeeevil Liberal Sikhs, any such deal would still have needed to go through the candidate. If Dion said that he didn’t authorize the deal, then no such deal happened, “agents” or otherwise. Asserting otherwise is meaningless semantics.

    Besides, the whole thing is implausible anyway. No deal was necessary, as it would be vanishingly unlikely that the Liberals would support retaining the powers in question. They were rarely used, never used in successful prosecution, and probably not Charter-proof. Supporting them would only give ammo to the Conservatives’ claims that they’re no farther right than the Liberals, thus bleeding off potential NDP switchers from the Liberals and calming those who are wavering on the Tory vs. Grit thing.

    The provisions were bad policy and worse politics. THAT’S why they’re gone.

  • Gayle

    I see no reason for Dion to write a 20 page essay to debunk a vague and unsubstantiated allegation. Anyone who thinks we should believe what Kay has to say should back that up with the facts that Kay lacks.

    Dion probably said more than he needed to – and his simple, eloquent denial gave the vague innuendo from Kay about as much attention as it deserved.

    I see no reason to analyze his rebuttal. If what you say is true, and Harper’s little tactics are working (and they may be in the short term), then, in my opinion, Dion’s best response is the one he made. Deny the bullsh*t, and move on to the issues. He does not have time to write lengthy responses to each and every slur the Harper minions dream up.

  • Thats your opinion Erik. You’re crowing about things working for you.. and yea.. based on one Decima Poll, it doesn’t look good for Dion.. but thats a) 1 poll only that shows a widening margin.. all others have shown the parties to be tied within the margin of error, and b) that’s a poll.. not the actual election results. A 6 week election campaign is ultimately what decides things.. and we’re nowhere near that yet. Things changes fast in politics, so until Harper actually wins the next election, whether things are working out for him or not will be undetermined, regardless of what the latest poll #’s say.

    As for Dion’s smackdown, it wasnt a post designed to boost the morale of anyone… it was a post that showed what a bogus story it was from a bogus writer from a dubious paper.

    Dion has always been underestimated.. and he has come out on top always.. so I’m content for the Tory supporters to think they have it in the bag right now. I predict you will see Tory poll #’s drop as more of “angry Harper” and “bully Harper” gets plastered across the media.

  • Gayle. There is no “onus”. Where did you get that idea? Nobody “owes” Dion or the Liberals anything. The problem-labels resultant from the Kay article are glued onto Dion. And his mission, if he chooses, is to get rid of them. And his “rebuttal” didn’t pass the smell test. And so he’s still wearing the label(s). Next move is his, Alphonse. If I were his advisor, I’d say “move on”, rather than digging the grave deeper.

    Don’t hold your breath for Kay to follow up, retract or do anything on this file. Nor me. I don’t have the problem. Finito.

    You say you don’t like my post? Fine. Do your own analysis of what Dion said in his rebuttal; so far you have studiously avoided doing so. Every one has been poo-pooing what I and some others have been saying for a long time. The effects of Harper’s actions are cumulative, and anyone who starts yelling “Bush/Cheney” and “Those tactics won’t work in Canada” is sadly mistaken. I don’t know whose tactics they are, but they ARE working. The extent is fuzzy, but the direction sure isn’t.

    Denial is futile. And I understand Scott pepping up the trooops with this post — rah, rah, kick ass, et al; I’d do the same if I were him. But when ChuckerCanuk posts that he’s petitioning Harper to call an election so that another leader can be selected, you just know that what Dion (really his advisors) has/have been doing is just re-arranging the deck chairs.

    No animosity in this comment of mine, just calm reason.

  • Gayle

    Oh Erik, I did read that, and I reiterate – how far are you going to stretch this?

    For a rational, intelligent take on this issue, I suggest you visit olaf over at Prairiewrangler.

    In the meantime, you need to learn a thing or two about the difference between facts, evidence and innuendo.

    I repeat – the onus is on the accuser – Kay – and not on the accused – Dion. It would have been interesting to see what you would have come up with if you had taken such a fine tooth comb to the Kay article, but then dissecting that piece of nonsense would not support your political bent, now would it.

  • Gayle, no such thing … on both your points.

    Dion’s “rebuttal” said nada. If you interpret it differently, please take the time to point out exactly where and how. I’ve done my analysis and writeup (above link), so it’s your turn now if you are serious about this.

    As for Kay, he’s written his piece and given “equal air time”. He moves on. The news, though old now, is in the public consciousness. Game, set, match.

  • Gayle

    Oh for goodness sake, is he now guilty because he does not sue the reporter? How far are you going to stretch this?

    Face it, the reporter relied on innuendo. Mr. Dion relied on facts (which he had access to, unlike the reporter). Ball is back in Kay’s court – if he has something to prove let HIM prove it.

  • Yeah, my point exactly. Anyway, to Scott’s newest issue. Does Dion’s latest literary exchange to Jonathan Kay constitute another attempt at self-immolation, or does it stand up to critical review? For all the goodies, check out:

    Given the latest Decima results suggesting the gap between the CPC and the LPC has widened even further, including Ontario, Scott will likely be praying that the Princess has shut the door on this very debilitating issue for the LPC. No such luck.

    Also, I highly doubt Dion wrote any of this “rebuttal”, but …

  • tori

    If it is a piece of fiction, should Mr. Kay be expecting a lawsuit instead of a stern warning in a newspaper?

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