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PQ Stupidity – Quebec wont be able to separate til all the old federalists die.

I just read over at Fuddle Duddle that one of the PQ candidates believes Quebec wont obtain sovereignty until all the old federalists die… and he is talking about the Francophone voters who are federalists, not the English minority.

The exact quote in francais is this: “car il n’y aura plus la génération de “canadien-français” qui ont un attachement très profond envers le Canada.”

Notice how the guy is calling these folks “French-Canadian”. I guess that’s his derogatory remark for those francophone Quebeckers who are federalists.. which means “Quebecois” are the “real Quebeckers” or not traitors to the cause.. or something. It reminds me of the “Yvette” comment that PQ Minister Lise Payette would make towards women supporters of the “Non” side during that referendum.

I’d be interested to hear if that’s a belief universally held in the PQ. Maybe someone should be asking Bosclair.


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  • JF

    In my sovereigntist days, I heard this regularly. The theory goes that federalists are simply brainwashed or politically clueless Quebecers, and only the awakened realize that sovereignty is the answer. So for Quebec to become independent, you have to a) “educate” the masses on politics which will instantly open their eyes over the supposed outrages, b) wait until all the brainwashed seniors from the Canadiens-francais generation die because they’re beyond saving.

    The b part is based on the idea that young people are more likely to vote for independence, while the a part is based on the idea that once you’re a sovereigntist, you apparently stay one for life.

    I’m not a sovereigntist anymore though so… I guess a goes out the window. And what’s that? A lot of young Quebecers don’t vote for sovereignty? Hmmm, b is wrong too. Oh, wait, that’s right, only treacherous Acadians like me, colonized “dead ducks”, or anybody that’s not REALLY Quebecer, can change his mind.

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