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More Tory smear – this time the Liberals are extremists for opposing sunset clauses.

Well, the Conservatives have proved that they are determined to drag this down into the mud as much as they can over their petulance that the sunset clauses will in all likelihood be defeated tonight. The Liberals are now held captive by “extremists” apparently:

Liberals demanded an apology from Ottawa Tory MP Pierre Poilievre for telling a radio interviewer that Dion’s caucus includes MPs who want to legalize the anti-Israeli terrorist group, Hezbollah, and shut down the investigation into the 1985 Air India bombing. “We know there is an extremist element in the Liberal party generally that has been very vocal in opposing measures that are designed to combat terrorism,” Poilievre said, according to a transcript of the interview. “And it would seem that Mr. Dion has collapsed under the pressure from those groups.”

Monsieur Poilievre made these remarks outside the House of Commons, where his parliamentary immunity isn’t in effect, and the Liberals are threatening to sue him for slander if he does not issue an apology:

Liberal MP Omar Alghabra called Poilievre’s comments “outrageous, slanderous” and demanded an apology. “This is the pattern that this government, this Conservative government, is following in choosing to go to the lowest level of politics that they can find to smear people just to make a political point,” he said. Colleague Navdeep Bains, who was singled out for attack by the Tories last week, said the Liberal party is seeking legal advice about possibly suing Poilievre.

He’s not the only one looking at maybe needing a lawyer – fallout continues from Harper’s attempted slur of Navdeep Bains in the House last week:

Harper never got to finish his remarks, being shouted down with cries of “shame, shame.” But subsequently, the Conservatives’ caucus chair told a TV interviewer that Bains’ father-in-law was a “suspect” in the investigation — which no one has alleged. Bains said today that the Liberals are still talking to lawyers about that too.

Karl Rove and company must be very proud of their students this week.. They have employed every despicable smear job in the Republican playbook. Too bad that’s stopped working for the Repugs down there… and I predict it’s not going to start working up here either.


17 comments to More Tory smear – this time the Liberals are extremists for opposing sunset clauses.

  • I guess that the new shoes do fit, eh guys? The concrete ones, I mean.

    Scott, I see Jonathon Kay is saing what I have been saying. Not soon until the whales come home to roost.

  • con-text


    1. the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect: You have misinterpreted my remark because you took it out of context.
    2. the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc.
    3. Mycology. the fleshy fibrous body of the pileus in mushrooms.

  • Paul

    It’ INSANE that you can’t recognize the obvious hypocrisy of your party’s reaction to Mr. Pollievre’s remarks!

    The Liberals have always smeared Conservative MPs as “extremists” and “Far-right ideologues”. I distincty remember that the Liberal website linked to an article during the federal election which began “Stephen Harper is an extremist in the truest sense of the term”.

    You people are an absolute disgrace. Canadians see right through your bullshit.

  • ALW

    You’re hilarious, Scott. You’re just as bad in tossing around insults than Tories are. But I guess its okay when you do it.

  • DFC

    While I don’t like MPs using this sort of rhetoric, I do think that the Liberals’ gasping and outrage at what has been said about them these last few days is a bit much. For almost the last ten years, they have been constantly calling anybody to their right ‘extremists’, ‘the Klan’, ‘Nazis’, ‘US agents,’ etc. I’m just surprised that the Tories have taken this long to respond in kind.

    Neither side is justified in what it has done, but for the Grits to complain as loudly as they have been is more than a little silly – they are by no means innocent themselves. I would not agree that the Tories have necessarily copied US tactics; I would say that they have started to copy Liberal tactics, which is unfortunate.

  • ST said: “Are all conservative blogs in Saskatchewan whacko, or are you having a bad day?”

    Heh. Nah, I’m just the ideological opposite of LeftDog. It’s all about karmic balance. . .with less CAPS.


  • wachin

    It’s interesting to see Liberals react to being called ‘extremists’. Doesn’t feel that comfortable does it? What goes around comes around.

  • The crazies are coming out of the woodwork I see. :em41:

    Jeff.. go and crawl back under the rock you were hiding under.

  • Jeff

    jean C. supports a terrorist overseas, paul martin sucks up to the Tamil tigers and that other group in 1990 in Vancouver – Scott do you also support terrorism? Or is that too extreme for you?

  • Aaron.. would you prefer the term “demagogic”? or involved in demagoguery?

    Either way.. this Conservative Party had been involved in it.

  • mecheng

    Is calling someone “extremist” worse than using the terms “global warming denier”, “neo-con”, or “extreme right wing”?

    Non are incorrect, but they have negative connotations.

    Borys Wrzesnewskyj said that Hezbollah should be delisted as a terrorist organization.

    Was that the Liberal policy? No. Was he soundly slapped for saying it? Yes. That would imply that his viewpoint was pretty extreme for a run-of-the-mill Liberal. Calling him an extremist is a stretch but it’s not entirely untrue.

    And it is useless to deny that a party doesn’t have “extremist elements” if you look at their supporters. They all do.

    It’s all word games. “Extreme” is dependant upon who is making the statement. Grow a thick skin if you want to be in politics.

  • ALW

    “The Tories are extreme because they are calling Liberals extreme”. Brilliant reasoning. You called Conservatives extreme – does that prove you’re extreme?

    You need to get a grip. You’re approaching Cherniak-levels of partisan blindness.

  • Phhft.. what epithets? I’ve said the Tories are extreme.. and they’re proving it this week. Making over-the-top claims about Dion and the Liberals voting against these because of an MP’s father-in-law? Claiming there are “extremists” in the Liberal Party?

    This is a dangerous, classless party with a PM and its members willing to engage in slander and smear. They need to be expunged from government – and the sooner the better.

  • ALW

    Yeah, whatever Scott. I’d be more sympathetic to your crocodile tears if you refrained from using the same epithets against the Tories.

  • Yea.. there are Bin Ladens running through both parties, eh Catprint? Yeesh. Stop drinking Karl Rove’s Kool-Aid.

    Are all conservative blogs in Saskatchewan whacko, or are you having a bad day?

  • Because the NDP and the Bloc are the extremists.

  • Gayle

    So if the liberals are not supporting this bill because they are controlled by extremist elements that do not want Canada to battle terrorism, why do the NDP and Bloc oppose the bill?

    I suppose if Canada votes in another liberal government they will make Bin Laden the Governor General?

    What kind of logic do these people use??? Can’t they see that intelligent people would never think a political party wants to allow terrorists free reign in Canada?

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