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Bloggers aren’t in it for the money.

An interesting article in the Star today about a study done on blogs and which blogs out there make money. In this case,the study says that only the top 100 blogs out of an estimated world-wide total of 65 million blogs make any sort of profit from their venture. The article then goes into speculation whether Blogging can be made into a financially successful venture or business model. Interesting study, but I’d venture a claim here that most people out there dont start a blog in order to try to make enough profit in order to retire from work and rake in the dough from their blog. They do it because they want their opinions heard and because they love doing it. Bloggers may throw ads up at the site to get nominal compensation for their efforts at maintaining the thing, but that’s very minimal and I daresay an afterthought amongst most bloggers.

I will agree with this statement though: The realm of citizen publishing is here to stay, says Gordon. While the growth of blogs will slow down, other forms, such as vlogs, photo and video game publishing are on the rise.

The blogging influence will continue to grow in Canada as well, despite some people’s efforts at putting it down as a bunch of geeks sitting in front of a computer screen in their pjaymas who get together every weekend to play Dungeons and Dragons. It will take longer to get to the point of the US, where political blogs are very influential on the political process, but its coming. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being very short-sighted.


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  • Thanks for the link to this study, Scott. I was one of a series of panelists on trends in “mom blogging” in the fall, so this is something I’m really interested in. (Here’s a link to my part of the panel proceedings, which talk about the economics and other aspects of blogging, with a specific focus on “mom blogs.” Jennifer Lawrence’s section continues to build on this theme.)

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