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Steve looks to emulate his American Idol

A pretty good cartoon editorial in the Star here


4 comments to Steve looks to emulate his American Idol

  • If Harper “emulates” Bush’s policies, which is so far from the truth that your collective sanity has to be questioned, then Princess Steffi’s must emulate Alice in Wonderland, The Marx Brothers, and Wrong-Way Corrigan … all on bad hair days.

  • No doubt Bush is Harper’s idol, although I wonder if that is still the case since his policies have since been repudiated. In addition any Tory with any brains would be hoping for Bush to lose in 2004 since as long as Bush is president, it serves as a reminder why the Conservatives need to be in opposition not government.

    If the Conservatives wish to model the Republicans, how about copying Arnold Schwartznegger who won with almost 60% in one of the more liberal states. There is an example of a successful conservative, off course it would mean taking global warming serious and dropping social conservatism.

  • Annoyed


    I’m a bit off topic, but… Has anyone looked into what kind of meds PMShitHead needs to control his temper
    :em54: or is this another occasion to blame it on his supposed “asthma problems” to try and win pity? (Last year during the election campaign.)

    From a person with real asthma concerns who can’t stand having a PM with mind problems.

  • Scott, is that the same paper that has the cartoon of Dion stamping his feet saying, “It’s so unfair”? Or maybe the laudatory clip that shows him asking the question, “do you know how hard is is to make priorities”?

    Yes, Steffi, people know. Even retail sales clerks who have to make priorities every day. What’s your problem? Oh, I know. You don’t know how to lead except if Herle and Scott tell you how. In my world we call that a doormat, albeit the PhD model of doormat.

    Oh, well, Princess Steffi will be gone soon. And then the CPC might have a little more competition than Jack alone.

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