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The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes – Day 19

Ah yes…we’re getting down neat the end of these, but the quality of the quotes arent decreasing any. Here then is Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes for today:

“The Kyoto protocol does not deal with critical environmental issues.” (Stephen Harper, Address on the Kyoto Accord, December 9, 2002)

A bit of a puzzler at first.. but remember from our prior quotes, Stevie thinks Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring gas vital to life for the planet (which it is.. its all the excess CO2 humans are throwing up in the atmosphere that’s causing the problem – something Harper refused to acknowledge, and questions remain about his belief in this) and he’s been critical of it for not going after smog – which Kyoto was never designed to do. Harper completely ignored and ignores today that current laws can deal with pollutants that cause smog.

Anyhow, join us for Day 20 Quotes tomorrow!! 😉


1 comment to The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes – Day 19

  • David Suzuki just toured through Alberta and I’m amazed by the attitude of many Albertans towards this man. There are many people here in rural Alberta who do not believe that Climate Change is real. Most of the people I know vote Conservative, and they are watching Harper very closely to see what he says and does. This is one reason why questions remain about his belief on humans causing the climate crisis.”

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