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Canada on the road back to respecting liberty.

Relating to my prior post on the Star Editorial on the Supreme Court decision to declare the current security certificates in their present form unconstitutional, there was also a pretty good Op-Ed in the Star today as well from Thomas Walkom. He says that while the Supreme Court decision is an important victory for human rights and civil liberties, its only the beginning of turning the corner from having draconian security laws in place.. and that there’s still a bit of a way to go in that regard. Check it out.


4 comments to Canada on the road back to respecting liberty.

  • Rest not easy, folks. I’ve read the decision now and all it says is that two parts of the legislation are bad, they are procedural (not intent and scope), and can be easily fixed. The Supremes even said what would be acceptable for one (security-certified legal counsel).

    So the legislation will be back pretty soon, I would think, and then it’s Bye-Bye for suspected (non-resident) terrorists again.

    I hope they introduce the amendments before the next Federal election. I’d love to see Princess Steffi choke on this one.

  • Kyle

    I find it hard to like Walkom’s analysis, when he makes factual errors in the article. almost every other source I have read has atributed security certificates to the early 1980s. They were not a reaction to Sept. 11th. The law will be rewritten, and will likely pass with both conservative and liberal support in the house.

  • knb

    I read that this morning Scott and agree. To be frank, when the ruling came out I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, we are taking an objective look at the knee- jerk reactions we had in the past.

    While I have little faith in the current Government’s ability to come out balanced on this, I’m glad to see the push and the discussions that will ensue.

    Erik, did you miss the fact that the ruling was unanimous? Did you also miss the fact that there is a Conservative judge in agreement? Also, the Senate report that suggests a more balanced approach with recommendations, has the support of Conservative Senators.

    Idiotic comments like the Liberals want terrorists in the country, will protect them, are soft on terror are obviously belied by the fact that no terrorist incident EVER occured when the Lib’s were in power. It’s patent nonsense and an attempt to revive the tired song from our neighbours to the south. Thankfully, Canada is not going to fall for the tripe. Neither the judiciary nor the people of Canada buy it. Oh, a solid 30 something % of you do, but good luck with that.

    BTW, the grand ally of the US, being the UK, started scaling this stuff back too.

  • I agree. The Liberal-appointd SCC hasn’t finished completely selling out Canada to every quack and terrorist in the world. One down, another million to go.

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