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Stockwell Day reverts to form.

You might remember that I had an article actually praising Day for standing up for Maher Arar and insisting he be removed from the US no-fly list. Well, we all knew it wouldn’t last (Day doing something that merits praise), and he’s shown that today.

Day released this statement today:

“Opposition parties are being soft on security and soft on terrorism,” Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in a statement.
“Canada’s new government remains unwavering in its determination to safeguard national security.”

I’ll ignore the continued silly use of “Canada’s New Government” – all of the Tories still use it. What do you think prompted this statement? The continued controversy over the sunset clauses in the Anti-Terror Bill? Nope.. he released it in reaction to the unanimous Supreme Court ruling saying the security certificates in their present form were unconstitutional.

He couldn’t come out and say the Supreme Court was soft on terror.. so he subbed “opposition parties” instead. I repeat what I’ve said before – the guy shouldn’t even be in Cabinet.


6 comments to Stockwell Day reverts to form.

  • You bet, Sig! Unfortunately it’s all very effective, as recent evidence of the Libranos going down the toilet shows. Get yourself a leader who can think for himself, eh?

    Besides, I kind of like the new slogan of the Liberal party: “More Marx than Karl, and Harpo”. Very catchy. For the Leninist demographic.

  • slg


    Gee all the printing cost to change the letterhead and there’s an error in it. Should have read “Canada’s New Republican Government” – whoops.

    If Harper would use his own lingo and policies, then he wouldn’t be confused with Bush – cut and run, with us or against us, soft of terror, support our troops – and on and on an on.

  • Yeah, Miles, Yeah. Sure. Hedy Fry was a great asset too. Let’s not forget Jane “What’s a Billion” Stewart, either. And Dion’s record on the environment was anything but sterling, too. And he hardly plagarized Manning’s and Harper’s work and wording when he copied their draft into the Clarity Act for which he falsely takes credit? And Mr. Dithers couldn’t even cut it as a Prime Minister, let alone a cabinet minister. Art Eggleton …. the list goes on.

    You are correct in one respect, though. Some Liberal Ministers have had magical powers, like Joe Volpe’s admired skills of extracting $5,400 from cashless infants (of Apotex executives), and signing up the dead for new Liberal memberships. Should I go on?

    And Miles, can you do ONE post without using “Bush”, Republican” and whatnot, to substitute for lack of content and coherence in your post? After all, I’ve refrained from using “pouffe” to describe Steffi.

    My God you folks have short memories. Not as conveniently or revisionally short as “50% Canadian” Steffi, but short. Suffer any cranial blows recently? That would account for it.

    Liberals ARE soft on crime. Martin & Co (and Jack, BTW) promised much at Creba time, but double-crossed the public when it came time to approve legislation for minimum mandatory terms, revoking house arrests for serious crimes, etc. The list goes on. Similarly, they are soft on terror. If Liberals are pro-crime, are they also anti-victim? I wonder sometimes.

    But long on mouth. Two things this week. Liberals being caught out on the VanSun article … I note that NO LIBERAL has refuted the content and facts in that article. And that’s the important thing in a campaign … not the “we cried Shame, Shame” on the voters’ doorsteps. Second, Liberal wailing over the Pearson thingy. Which all governments have done over the past 20+ years when a press event is held in the space. Pretty quiet now, eh? And you folks made a big fuss about someone reading a press clipping?

    And, of course, the Goldenberg revelation about the “sincerity” with which Liberals signed Kyoto, the public’s realization that Kyoto is a scam at worst and a crock at best, plus it’s turning out that your Green Gecko might only have a leadership lifespan somewhat less than Stock’s inglorious period.

    Oh, I forgot. Polls showing Princess Steffi is behind Jack Layton? Now THAT must really hurt. Well, look on the bright side … at least the Marxist-Leninist party hasn’t overtaken Steffi’s “popularity”. Yet.

    So, Miles, I understand why your hurt and pain is coming out. Suck it up. Steffi’s pain-causing lifestyle will be over in 10-12 months when he’s toast and replaced as leader by Hedy Fry of “Burning Crosses on the Lawns” fame. In Prince George, no less!

    Which would make sense when Steffi (actually, his handlers) has finished moving the party’s platform to the left of the NDP. I always did like the prospect of Jack as opposition leader.

    If that isn’t enough to spoil your day, reflect for a few moments on the effect of the expansion of FOIA to crowns and whatnot, especially CWB and some suspicious shell corporations, commencing April 1st. That should be a lot of fun.

    Player_Hater: “…government has refused to release the cost to taxpayers on changing all communique and correspondence to “Canada’s New Government”. Answer: probably the same, in today’s dollars, as the changeover in stationery and whatnot from Mulroney PCs to Chretien Liberals in 1993. You’re welcome.

  • Scott,

    Don’t know about anyone else but I use Internet Explorer and commenting on your site is intermittently unreliable. Today there is a very large gap between “Leave a Reply” and the input box. I have experienced this on different notebooks.

  • I agree he probably shouldn’t be in cabinet, but when you consider how little talent there is on the Tory bench, the question is who will his replacement be. In addition the government’s tough talk on terrorism will likely backfire as Canadians generally don’t buy the Republican like tough talk. It works well in the United States, but on foreign policy Canadians and Americans are quite far apart so what works there, won’t here.

  • player_hater

    Oh, I love it. That’s better than sex! Stock is on the record for calling Maher Arar a terrorist, and the Canadian Government should do everything to prevent his return from Syria.

    Also the government has refused to release the cost to taxpayers on changing all communique and correspondence to “Canada’s New Government”, Harpocrits, gotta love em!

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